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  • Featuring ivory large headed roses, white lisianthus, white spray roses, white LA lily, peach germini and thlaspi, hand-tied with eucalyptus and salal, finished with gift wrap and ribbon, presented in gift packaging. Please Note: Lilies can be toxic to cats and other pets if ingested.

  • Featuring white antirrhinum, purple clematis, blue eryngium, peach large headed roses and blue veronica with copper salal and eucalyptus, hand-tied and beautifully wrapped.

  • This glorious hand-tied bouquet is wonderfully feminine and exudes a sense of timeless elegance and beauty. We love the array of textures plus the shades of soft pink, fresh white and cool lilac, each adding something new to admire. An irresistible gift.

  • Featuring pink Oriental lilies, pink large-headed roses, pink spray roses, pink lisianthus and white ammi, hand-tied with eucalyptus and salal and presented in gift packaging. 

  • Featuring a white chrysanthemum, white large headed roses and white freesia, with pistache, gold asparagus fern and dried lotus pods, arranged in a grey ceramic pot with a gold stand.

  • Featuring a 75cl bottle of sparkling Rosé wine and a box of Maison Fougère chocolates.

  • Featuring red large headed roses, red carnations, red spray chrysanthemums and burgundy skimmia with spruce, salal and a cinnamon bundle, hand-tied, gift wrapped and presented in a Christmas gift box.

  • Featuring pink cymbidium orchids, a red spray rose and red spray chrysanthemums with pine cones, copper salal, pistache, burgundy skimmia and pine, arranged in a red glass vase with a copper base.

    Vase Included
  • Featuring red large headed roses, cream large headed roses, red hypericum, purple clematis and eryngiums with pine and eucalyptus, hand-tied and beautifully wrapped.

  • Featuring red asiatic lilies, red spray roses, red hypericum, pine, olea europaea and birch, arranged in a red tin jug.

  • Featuring red large headed roses, red hypericum, purple clematis, red spray roses, berried ivy, copper salal, pine and spruce, arranged in a square woven basket.

  • Featuring a white cyclamen planted in a grey ceramic pot on a gold stand.

  • Featuring a pretty pink cyclamen, planted in a grey ceramic pot on a gold stand.

  • Featuring a pink large headed rose, a pink spray chryanthemum, a purple clematis, pink limonium, pink lisianthus and lilac statice with eucalyptus and pistache, beautfiully presented in a nude hatbox, trimmed with ribbon.

  • Featuring an ivory large headed rose, purple freesia, blue veronica, a white LA lily and purple lisianthus hand-tied with pistache and eucalyptus, presented in gift packaging.

  • This Jules Feraud Champagne will bring an extra sparkle to the celebrations. It is a flavoursome champagne with a nuts and crumble palate, fresh acidity and a long length, not to mention the appealing nose of caramel and buttered toast, grilled nuts and pistachio. Delicious!

  • Featuring ivory large headed roses, purple freesia and pink spray roses with eucalyptus and pistache, arranged in a cream zinc jug.

  • Featuring pink phalaenopsis orchids, cerise large headed roses, pink lisianthus, white astrantia and cerise germini hand-tied with salal and eucalyptus, and presented in gift packaging.

  • Featuring pink calla lilies, red and pink large headed roses, a pink echevaria, pink bloom chrysathemums, pink astrantia and pink astilbe, hand-tied with eucalyptus, palm, panicum grass, pistache and burgundy skimmia, and presented in gift packaging.

  • Featuring ivory large headed roses, purple freesia, white germini, purple lisianthus and blue veronica with pistache, presented in a gift box.

Kirriemuir Florists

Kirriemuir Florists

Our Kirriemuir Florists work with only the best quality flowers which have been directly imported to us all the way from our suppliers in Holland and combined with up to four deliveries per week, not only are our flowers of the highest calibre but they are also the freshest. This means your recipient will be able to enjoy their flowers for many days to come. Our Kirriemuir Florists are able to arrange bouquets fitting for all occasions such as congratulatory events for passing a test or birthdays and weddings to name just a few examples as we are genuinely able to cater for all occasions. Our Kirriemuir Florists use an array of flowers which vary in colour, shape and size so all of our bouquets are unique and vibrant in their own way. Our Kirriemuir Florists use flowers such as lilies, calla lilies, gladioli, bouvardias as well as many others. The flowers are arranged artistically amongst greenery such as pittos and eucalyptus leaves which creates a gorgeous contrast between the green and the colours of the flowers. Once the flowers have been arranged, our Kirriemuir Florists can either place your flowers into a lovely vase or a flattering box or they can traditionally arrange your flowers into a bouquet using elegant yet simple tissues, papers and ribbons. Additionally, not only do our Kirriemuir Florists arrange flowers beautifully but they can also organise for a gift to accompany your bouquet from our versatile gifts range. Our gifts range includes scrumptiously delicious chocolates; a selection of wines and champagnes all rich in taste; adorable teddy bears; fruit baskets as well as balloons which, if requested by a customer, can be arranged into a lovely balloon bouquet by our Kirriemuir Florists. Our Kirriemuir Florists hold you, the customer, as their first priority which is why they always do everything they can to ensure your order is fuss-free as humanly possible.

Florists Kirriemuir

Our Kirriemuir Florists have over forty years of experience when it comes to working with flowers and with their strong work ethic and sheer passion for floristry, it is no wonder that we are able to provide our customers with the most visually stunning bouquets. However we don't simply stop once your flowers have been arranged as we want to take care of everything on your behalf - one such way we aim to take care of everything for you is through our several delivery services. Our delivery services are a convenient and sure-fire way to guarantee your flowers arrive safely to your recipient. We offer our customers our standard weekly delivery Monday to Saturday, our next day delivery service as well as our same day delivery service. The same day delivery service is particularly handy for those occasions that have cropped up out of the blue as it allows you to place an order and have it delivered on the same day. However, to use this service, your order must be placed before 3PM to give our Kirriemuir Florists enough time to organise everything, flowers and any gifts, with the care and attention required. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee delivery times - as we have no power over factors such as traffic and weather - but we are able to also offer our AM and PM deliveries. This simply means we can deliver flowers before 1:30PM and then after 1:30PM but asides from those two time frames, we are unable to deliver at specific times. With so many years of experience under their belts, we can modestly say that our Kirriemuir Florists have and will continue to provide you with the service you deserve.